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Matilda Australia was created in 2015 by two lawyers (Jnana and Tatiana) with a passion for fashion. We experienced corporate fashion firsthand in all its underwhelming tedium. We saw it change little over the years, with working women opting for conservative businesswear while the rest of the fashion world enjoyed explosions of style and colour with every change of season.

The difference between corporate style and the rest of the fashion world was made more apparent with Australian fashion taking off in the last decade. We saw the rise of exciting brands as they gained popularity: Sass & Bide, Alice McCall and Shona Joy all showed the way by building on strong local followings as a launchpad into the international scene. That typical Australian flare - fun, colourful, relaxed & pretty - was combined with a level of elegance and high-end design to rise to the challenge of capturing Australian life; fashion born out of our love for good weather, plenty of sunshine, long springs, and longer summers.

The two of us watched the Australian fashion scene with envy, particularly in more recent years as it matured to truly world-class sophistication. We wanted more than to observe it or participate as consumers. We wanted to embrace it, nurture it, bring it to the world stage (or, catwalk), and in doing so bring some of its vibrancy into our corporate world. Abandoning the traditional suits of old and embracing the captured light of Australian fashion was our first step to creating Matilda.

Between us we have several decades of dressing for all manner of corporate environments, and we've learned a little bit along the way about the power of fresh Australian fashion in the workplace.

The sophisticated energy of Australian fashion is perfect for that work-to-dinner look which offers the versatility to handle the office as well as whatever comes after. A signature dress styled with a jacket is a winning combination that lets you choose how formal or how relaxed you want to be in any given situation.

Air conditioned offices are often not set with dress-wearers in mind, and a comfortable yet stylish jacket can go a long way towards enhancing your look while avoiding the freeze.

Dresses such as these from By Johnny are equally suited to the workplace or dinner. The stylish cut combines with quality fabric into a comfortable, elegant package which can be the perfect signature piece for work. Even a simple solid-colour jacket can make something as vibrant as these dresses seem contained and professional, ready to be unleashed when the time is right. The lifespan of even the most out there dress can be extended by pairing it with a companion jacket that makes it more versatile, and more likely to fit into your life.

We know from experience that the right jacket can take all those dresses we'd never consider suitable for Court, and turn them into a part of a professional package. We rest our case!

For those of you ready for a more daring signature piece, the reverse style - a solid-colour dress with a statement jacket such as The Secret Garden Blazer by Mossman can make the plainest dress come alive, so you'll never look like you're sitting still. Paired right, a good floral jacket can be the star of your outfit, making you impossible not to notice.

For more inspiration, find more of our jackets in our extensive collection here.

Try a Free Styling Consult - For All Walks of Life

Beyond jackets, a big part of what Matilda offers our dear customers is free styling advice. You can e-mail us with any questions you may have, or to make an appointment for one of our free styling consultations at our boutique at 193 Victoria Street, Potts Point in glorious Sydney.

Unlike many stores, we carefully procure our collections and outfits not only for quality, colour and brand, but for how they can be styled with one another or accessorised and brought to life in a way that is unique to you.

And it's not only for the office look. We understand many busy women would value help with their casual wardrobe as well, developing a style that reflects their personality. We have an impressive range of high end clothes for special occasions, and chic-yet-casual clothes from brands such as Sass & Bide.

Australian fashion is for everyone. We know some of our own loyal customers, working women in industries such as law, finance and IT, were initially skeptical about wearing such powerful pieces to the office, as if they had to look like the models who display our collections. We again speak from experience when we say, this is simply not true. We are working mothers, and our fashion advice is inspired by own experience with what works and what doesn't, and your changing fashion needs as you rise in the corporate world. Come and see us for yourself, try a styling consult, and see if you don't leave looking - and feeling - better.

As always, Matilda is here to help.

Love xx


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