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The return of spring means the return of spring fashion, and that means sandals, beachwear, and as always, florals. How else are we to let the world know that winter has ended?

Chances are, it's been a while since most of us donned anything as happy as a floral. So how exactly can we wear the signature pattern of spring and be confident that we're getting it right? As we know, not all florals are created equal.


The Alice McCall 'Oh So Lovely' dress is a classic, vintage-inspired floral midi dress that carries with it the timeless prestige of boutique bouquets. Along with a dreamlike piece called 'Floating Delicately', they go beyond being mere pretty dresses and emerge carrying the spirit of flowers: bold in colour, sophisticated in pattern, elegant in cut, and as feminine as it gets.



We understand florals can be intimidating to style with, but the end product is worth it for that added level of sophistication, that splash of playful chaos that only nature knows how to give us.


Here are some basic principles you can style around:

  • Easily pair your neutral colours with a sophisticated splash of floral. They make dark neutrals come alive, give earth tones some life, and make your whites pop with vibrancy.
  • Approach other colours and especially patterns with caution, as they're more prone to clash loudly and make a visual mess of your look.
  • Match with a piece such as this Pheiffer cardi for that perfect look on a cooler day, to show the world you're ready for warmer times.
  • Play with textures and accessorise with tanned leathers or suede for a look that's straight out of nature.
  • Accentuate with simple yet bold jewellery, and as it gets warmer, don't forget a stylish hat!


Remember, when you wear florals, you're wearing life.


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